WSI Internet:
Profit from the WSI advantage

A recent survey conducted by AC Nielsen revealed that 58% of small businesses experienced growth when embracing e-commerce, while 49% reported reduced operating costs. These findings are not surprising and leave no doubt that creating an internet business front is a profitable endeavour for any organisation, but companies need someone to educate them on how the web can work for their individual businesses and the tools to discover the untapped potential, reveals WSI.

WSI, the 'number one' internet services franchise in the world as ranked by Entrepreneur magazine, trains franchisees to become Internet Consultants who deliver ROI-focused internet business strategies to small and medium-sized companies worldwide. These franchisees are hungry to take a bite out of the opportunities presented by the latest web technologies, but lack the knowledge and experience to do so.

WSI Internet Consultants are often confronted by companies eager to enter the lucrative world of internet business who invest huge amounts of money in creating a website, only to realise little or no return on their investment. 'This is a fundamental problem with the internet solutions industry today,' explains WSI Chief Executive Officer Louis Zalany. 'Many companies invest immense amounts of capital into the construction and implementation of their online presence, never stopping to consider the strategy behind such a move.'

Websites are often constructed by design firms or technology 'experts' with neither the experience or understanding of the internet from a business perspective. As a result, these websites tend to exist as financial black holes for companies. WSI Internet Consultants consult a business on every aspect of their web strategy, from initial concept to implementation and continued support. It is this approach to e-commerce that sets WSI apart from the informal and impersonal web creation firms on the market, and one that clients respond to enthusiastically. Instead of simply embracing the creation or improvement of a company website, Internet Consultants make proven results their goal, introducing a business to the overall internet solution they need.

One of the most sought after aspects of the WSI advantage is their patent-pending Internet Business Analysis - the first stage of WSI's Internet Solutions Lifecycle system. By applying a series of specific inquiries and sophisticated analysis tools to a company's operating structure, WSI Internet Consultants can pinpoint the specific areas of a client's business that can benefit from properly deployed internet technology. The prospective client is then presented with straightforward, tangible data with real-world applications to their revenue potential and a preliminary view of the total web solution.

WSI supports this in-depth business analysis with the latest internet technologies. Having developed a highly successful private virtual e-marketplace, comprised of Production Centres located throughout the world, Internet Consultants are able to offer clients advanced solutions for any business market in virtually any language. These are high-end technical resources that are inaccessible to the majority of web developers. Those that can offer solutions at the same level tend to only serve the enterprise business market due to high development costs. This has opened up a tremendous opportunity for WSI and its franchisees, whose shared resources allow them to deliver high-end solutions at a competitive price.

From the initial business Internet Business Analysis through to ongoing e-business education, Internet Consultants make a commitment to their customers to guide them every step of the way. WSI's global scope and unique positioning as a leader within the internet industry provides companies and their staff with information that will enable them to adapt to and capitalise on the new global internet economy as it grows and evolves.

To do all this, WSI Internet Consultants are fully trained through a combination of unique e-learning coursework modules and one week of in-class training at the head office in Toronto, Canada. Successful Internet Consultants come from all walks of life and don't need any specific technical knowledge. When evaluating potential candidates the franchisor looks for the right attitude and the ability to learn and follow a proven system. With over 1,000 franchisees in 87 countries worldwide, WSI's system has become an internet success story with successful new chapters being written every day.