TransferMate Global Payments technology, plans to double its workforce at Kilkenny headquarters

TransferMate are looking at bringing 25 new members of staff into their headquarters in Kilkenny over the next nine months.

The global currency transfer market centres on offering fairer exchange rates and lower international transfer fees to clients around the world, than that of those provided by the banks.

Barry Dowling, Managing Director at told the Irish Independent: “We knew that 2015 was going to be a good year for our business. We are constantly expanding our customer base and as such we are expanding our team to keep pace with our growth.”

The addition of 25 new staff will bring the total at Kilkenny up to 50. This would be a massive boost to the company, meaning they will have the necessary workforce to grow the business and offer more to their customers.

“Last summer we celebrated transferring over $5bn (€5.4bn) in foreign currency transfers for clients, a stunning endorsement of how our business is growing,” Mr Dowling added.