Take Care, Take Advice

Bill Holohan, Bill Holohan and Associates Take Care, Take Advice - Consult a Franchise/Intellectual Property Lawyer

Would you invest €100,000 in property such as a building without getting a lawyer to check things out for you? - Definitely not!
So why risk your franchise investment without getting an experienced franchise and Intellectual Property Lawyer to check things out for you? Surprising though it may seem, a lot do, apparently to save money. Usually, they pay lawyers a lot more later on. The value of a franchise lies in the intellectual property of the franchise system: the trademark(s), the registered designs, the patents, the know-how, the copyrighted materials, the Franchisor's contractual commitments to you, etc.
An experienced Franchise and Intellectual Property Lawyer / Trademark Agent will be able to check these for you, and advise in relation to the issues. Bill Holohan & Associates are the only firm of Solicitors, Notary Public, and Trademark Agents with offices in Cork and Dublin.

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