'I'love seeing satisfied customers'

Having established a loyal customer base in a matter of months, the streat franchisee Derek Mullins (pictured right) reveals how he achieved this rapid growth of his café in Citywest Shopping Centre, Dublin Text: Derek Mullins

Since its launch in February my the streat franchise is already ahead of target and is two thirds of the way towards making my projected first year turnover. I really enjoy running the business and love seeing satisfied customers and a happy workforce.

I used to work in retail management for grocery store Spar. I liked the idea of running my own business, doing something for myself and being the sole benefactor of the hard work and long hours I put in, so I decided to investigate franchising as a lower risk alternative to starting up alone. the streat appealed because the business utilises my 15 years of retail experience, has an award-winning training programme and the franchisor treats me as a person rather than as a number.

The month-long training programme ensures you are competent and confident enough to run the business effectively. Held at the streat's training centre in Belfast, it covers everything from the paperwork to learning how to make every sandwich on the menu.

I am hopeful that my café will be used as the Dublin training centre in the not too distant future as more franchises are snapped up in the Dublin area. Following my four weeks of training I had a mentor shadowing me in Citywest for a further two weeks to help with staff training and assist in the launch. I have also had ongoing support from the franchisor.

Another great aspect of the streat franchise is the head office team makes itself available to help you on with any queries you may have, including the streat founders Michael and Nikki McQuillan. The customer loyalty cards have been a huge success: the cards require customers to purchase 10 items over a period of time in order to get a free item from the menu and I already have many regular customers on their third or fourth card.

I have established my café through various promotions and hard work. My aim is to increase my annual turnover by 15 per cent next year and by 10 per cent every year after. Once my Citywest business is established, I intend to focus my time and energy on looking for a premises suitable for my second the streat café.

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'you have to work hard to run this business... but it's rewarding and great fun - I couldn't go back to a regular job'
Paul Dalzell (Newtownards Franchisee)