Successful Irish nail bar bringing glam to the UK

Many women enjoy having their nails painted and getting them done professionally is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience – an experience that Justyna and her partner Lucas Ostrowski grasped in 2012 and founded SugarDolls Nail Bar.

Launched in Dublin, Ireland, SugarDolls was brought to the market, to offer a high quality range of nail and beauty treatments, as well as products in a vibrant environment, with exceptional customer service.

With SugarDolls Nail Bar and Beauty looking at bringing their bespoke nail brand into the UK, TFM spoke with Justyna Ostrowski to find out exactly what SugarsDolls is looking for in a potential Franchise Owner and what SugarDolls can offer them in return:

Irish Franchise Magazine: Where are the areas you are really looking to move into in the UK?
JO: We are looking at bringing the brand to shopping centres and high streets in the main cities in the UK, such as London, Manchester, Liverpool where people have the chance to come in and enjoy a new beauty experience with us in our lavish salon.

IFM: What training do you offer a new franchise owner?
JO: We will provide all the training for the business side of SugarDolls Nail Bar and Beauty, as well as providing training on all the SugarDolls products and all nail services for the general manager of the new Franchise. However, in order to really hit the ground running, the general manager should ideally be qualified as a nail or beauty technician.

IFM: What makes you different from your competitors?
JO: We use our own SugarDolls products for nail/hand treatment, which has been tested by qualified professionals. The products include gels, nail polishes, vitamins and conditioners for nails.

As we use our own products, we can offer fantastic prices on the stock for the new franchise owner, without ever compromising on quality. For any products we use from other providers, we offer good rates, as we have existing relationships with the suppliers.

IFM: What type of support do you provide after completion of training for new franchise owners?

JO: We provided continual training on new techniques and changes in the markets, ensuring our franchise owners are always up to date on trends. We can provide marketing support, including advertising on our social media pages as well as using our database to connect with existing clients about new kiosk/salon openings and events. We offer phone/online support, meaning there will always be someone to answer any questions about the business and practical side of running a salon. On-going support is important to maintain the same quality of the service in all SugarDolls units and create a brand unity, ensuring that no matter which salon or kiosk you go to, you will always receive the same level of quality.

IFM: What is your future plans for the franchise?

JO: At the moment we have one successful franchise unit in Ireland, the franchise owner of that unit already wants another place for herself! There are still several identified locations around Ireland where the SugarDolls can be very successful. There are many UK opportunities for both kiosk and salon options and we are already identifying potential units. Currently, we have an estimated turnover for a single unit franchisee of around €220k p.a for a SugarDolls kiosk and around €380k p.a for a SugarDolls salon.

IFM: Finally, What sort of person do you think the franchise would suit?

JO: The ideal candidate for SugarDolls will be someone who is highly motivated and will not only follow the business model, which is proven to be successful, but who can also add value to the brand.
We either look for qualified nail/beauty therapists who are ready to open their own unit, or those who might be currently employed as managers in the beauty salons and are very motivated to start their own business. We also are on the lookout for potential investors who could possibly have a general manager involved in running the day-to-day business.