SUBWAY Restaurants

The concept

Originally founded in the USA in 1985, Subway is now the number one quick service restaurant chain in the world and has over 37,000 restaurants operating in more than 100 countries worldwide.


The Subway decor integrates the look of natural building materials - brick, clay, stone - into the stores and conveys to customers that Subway locations are warm and inviting family dining destinations.

Great Food

Subway 'Sandwich Artists' create customers' sandwiches on a varied selection of daily baked gourmet breads. With the option of many ingredients, the sandwiches are customised with an array of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and lastly topped off with unique select sauces.

In addition, many food flavours are brought out by toasting the sandwiches to perfection, just the way a customer wants.

The nutritional value of Subway's food is very important to the company. The Subway Fresh Fit menu is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is trans fat free.

The opportunity

As well as full training and support, Subway provides:

  • Access to formulas and operational systems
  • Store design and equipment ordering guidance
  • Training programme
  • Operation manual
  • Representative on-site during opening
  • Periodic evaluation and ongoing support
  • Informative publications

Ideal franchise owner profile

Subway is looking for franchise owners who have the skills and experience needed to run a successful restaurant.

The Subway franchise owner is responsible for:

  • Initial franchise fee
  • Finding locations
  • Leasehold improvements and equipment
  • Hiring employees and operating restaurants
  • Paying eight per cent royalty to the company and a fee into the advertising fund

Investment requirement

The Subway franchise has some of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. Your complete investment will depend on your location, size and the extent of renovations required. There are traditional and non-traditional locations for Subway franchises. A traditional restaurant is one you see in a shopping centre or on the street corner. A non-traditional restaurant is a store located in an airport, hospital, truck stop, college, bus terminal, or other sites associated with another business. The non-traditional locations are usually owned by existing franchise owners that have proven to be very successful with the Subway system. If you own a location such as a convenience store, or any non-traditional site, you may have the opportunity to buy a franchise for that location.

The estimated costs below, represent a wide range of possible locations throughout the world. Remember that costs will vary in relation to the physical size of the restaurant. A lower cost restaurant is one that would require fewer leasehold improvements, less seating and fewer equipment expenditures. Moderate and higher costs restaurants may require extensive interior renovations, extensive seating and additional equipment.

If you are purchasing a franchise for a location opportunity, such as a non-traditional, or school lunch programme location, the listed capital requirements may vary and could be substantially lower depending upon the necessary equipment you must acquire or changes in leasehold improvements you must make.

Lower cost – US$106,000
Moderate cost – US$170,000
Higher cost – US$394,000

It is important to note that the offering circular, or disclosure documents for various countries are available for more definitive costs.

SUBWAY is a Full Member of the British Franchise Association and a member of the International Franchise Association.