SFC Express launches new brand identity

Quick service restaurant franchise SFC Express has relaunched its franchise expansion programme across Ireland with a newly developed brand identity. The company, which has been operating its Southern Fried Chicken outlets internationally for 35 years, has repositioned its brand to offer a premium, credible and sophisticated identity that can hold its own in an extremely competitive market.

"The QSR sector has seen massive growth over the past decade, with 11 per cent increase in the last year alone," said CEO Andrew Withers. "Being an extremely aggressive and competitive market, those that are successful need to continuously reposition themselves. "We commissioned strategic marketing agency Atlantic Creative Solutions to conduct a complete brand review of SFC with the objective of ditching the red, white and blue 'american fast food' image. What came out the other end was such a quantum leap from where we were before."

The new identity was first implemented in one of SFC's key performing sites in Bournemouth, Dorset. "Within the first week it had seen an immediate increase in sales of 30 per cent," Andrew reported, "which has maintained constant growth and is now achieving over 100 per cent uplift in sales compared to figures prior to the rebrand, and as a direct result."

The new look is currently being rolled out to franchises in eastern Europe, Malta and India and SFC is seeking new franchise owners to implement its re-imagined concept across Ireland.