Mick Fitzgibbon celebrates 20 years with Snap

Mick Fitzgibbon signed up to become Snap's franchisee in Cork in May 1993. As he celebrates his first 20 years with the company, he has experienced the good, and some interesting times at Snap.

Snap launched in Ireland in 1984 and Fitzgibbon knew it was a good business when he saw it - even though he was from a medical background, not print.

Operating out of Crawford Hall in the city centre, Mike and his wife, Kay, saw an opportunity and opened a second franchise in Little Island in 2006. A former hurler and regular golfer, Fitzgibbon sees one of the advantages in being a Snap franchisee as the work/life balance that it offers compared to many other franchise businesses.

Fitzgibbon commented: "It's certainly hard work, and there is financial reward, but it is also fulfilling and the weekends are generally your own. There's still a lot to be done, but the future is bright as we establish ourselves more and more as a national player in the website and digital space."