Unearthing the athlete in you

sásta Athlone franchise owner, Noel McTiernan, saw the potential in the hugely successful fitness franchise when his wife Tara had her wedding dress taken in three times before their marriage last March, thanks to sásta’s revolutionary fitness pods. Gareth Samuel reports

When Tara and Noel announced they were to get married, Tara visited her local sásta studio to try to lose some weight before her wedding. After she lost 12lbs in just 13 45-minute sessions, the couple realised that the potential for the innovative vacuum pods, as a business, was huge and made a significant investment.

Noel says: “I was in a job that I wanted to get out of and I was thinking about starting something up of my own. When my wife got such great results with sásta, it was just a no-brainer.

“I really do believe that this thing (sásta) is going to be massive, that’s why I invested in it, people are not just seeing the results they want in months – but in weeks.”

While the sásta programme is giving customers looking to lose weight incredible results, Noel is running his business slightly differently by marketing to fitness fanatics looking to improve performance.

Noel continues: “I am really into my sport and saw the difference. I’m marketing to fit people who want to get even fitter as well as people looking to lose weight.

“Clients complete the body sculpting toning programme with their 30 minutes on the sásta fitness pod achieving results equivalent to four times regular exercise, it’s great because we have it all under one umbrella. It is a hard work-out and people do need to stick to the programme to see the results they want.”

Noel runs the business with help from his new wife, who manages the entirety of the firm’s accounts. Having only owned the business for a few months, Noel and Tara are already seeing the fiscal benefits as the community flocks through their doors looking to lose weight and get fitter. The team even had a visit from Olympic Silver Medalist, Sonia O’Sullivan at the opening of Athlone’s new sports centre.

Noel adds: “It is going very well at the moment, its just about getting the word out about what we do here to get people through the door. I think the price of the whole programme is really very reasonable at the moment. For such an effective programme, it is incredibly good value for money right now.”

For the couple, the future looks bright as they continue to see an increasing number of customers come to them for help with improving their health, their fitness, and their lifestyle.