sasta to shine on tv

Irish fitness franchise, sásta, has just finished filming their part of Setanta Sport’s latest television show, ‘Get Off The Couch’, produced by Athena Media. The sports show takes people struggling to get fit and active through the direction of top athletes. Gareth Samuel reports

As part of the brand new show, participants have been using sásta’s fitness and nutrition expertise to assess their progress through body fat composition analysis and body measurements. They then embarked on a prolonged programme, assisted by sásta, to ensure sustainable weightloss and a maintained level of activity ensuring they want to permanently “Get off the Couch”. The programme is presented by the Head of News at 98fm, Teena Gates, who lost over half her body weight herself, dropping from 23 to 11 stone, when she took the challenge of hiking to the Everest base camp for charity in 2010.

Teena said: “No-one can take on a huge task like that in one mental leap – take one step at a time and put one foot in front of the other, and believe me, you will get there in the end.”

sásta’s part in the show was to initially measure the body index of the contestants and create a nutrition and work-out plan to coincide with their activity itineraries so that they could see the marked results by the end of the show.

sásta founder, Fiona Egan, says: “We had three filming sessions with the show’s particpiants, where we completed initial consultations on everyone. We weighed and measured them and provided nutritional advice.

“Having done swimming, sailing, abseiling and all the other activities, combined with our sásta programme, the show’s participants have all achieved amazing results.”

The show will be aired on the Setanta Sports channel in September this year. Tune in to see how the sásta fitness franchise has helped real people to achieve real, measurable results.