Spread the sásta feeling

Fiona Egan, founder of the health and fitness franchise, sásta, explains the history behind the brand and why it continues to be a big hit with its customers, the academic and scientic communities and the franchising business world

Fiona’s business inspiration came from her own personal experience and something she had struggled with all her life, like many people out there today, it was her weight. Fiona explains: “It had always been a lifelong challenge for me as at the age of 10 years old, I weighed 10 stone. I just knew somewhere out there had to be a way that technology could be part of the solution.”

Fiona joined up with business partner Joe Whyte to create this fat burning solution and he came bursting with ideas ,which eventually Fiona evaluated and set a two year mission plan to bring a new fitness revolution to the franchise marketplace.

The result is sásta – a vacuum pod designed and manufactured in Ireland that offers great value while ensuring clients get fit, lose weight and tone up in a time saving manner.

Half an hour in the sásta pod achieves results comparable to five times that generated by regular exercise. One session, three times per week for four weeks and you will reduce one clothes size. As a result of this success, Joe and Fiona chose sásta as the name for the franchise opportunity as it translates from the Irish word for satisfied and pleased – and this is exactly how this winning system makes customers feel.

The fitness regime works and the Irish franchise is so confident in its ability that it offers a 100 per cent money back guarantee to anyone who does not achieve their target results using a sásta fitness pod. Trialled in three pilot studios in Sligo, Cavan and Leitrim, and clearly achieving brilliant results for its users, Fiona was determined that the new invention should be independently tested to give sásta a science basis and real credibility.

Fiona approached Professor Niall Moyna, Professor in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University and Associate Director of the Vascular Health Research Centre, to complete medical trials. His passion for fitness, being advisor to the Dublin All Ireland GAA Champions and his concerns about the rising obesity epidemic meant he was eager to complete a stringent testing programme on the sásta fitness pod.

So impressed has he been with the results, his team is working on additional trials to quantify the health impact of sásta.

Niall explains: “The sásta fitness pod has phenomenal potential to assist individuals in losing weight and body fat while exercising at lower intensities than any other form of exercise. The short 30 minute sásta exercise sessions will contribute to a major change in obesity figures and change people’s lives forever.”

sásta core values:

  • Facilitate our clients in achieving and sustaining fitness, toning and weight loss goals
  • Provide exceptional customer service in a supportive environment
  • Go further every time to achieve the exceptional
  • Never stop innovating and improving
  • sásta is our quality mark and our reputation, standing for business excellence and market leading products

Since its launch, the sásta franchise and equipment have received nothing but praise from franchise owners and their clients.

‘‘Our perfect business!’’

Lisa Garvin and Joanne Cullen, sásta Sligo

With backgrounds in hospitality and finance, sisters Lisa Garvin (below ,left) and Joanne Cullen (below, right) recognised the gap in the Sligo market for a high performance, time saving toning and fitness product.

“We were delighted to secure this franchise for Sligo – our sásta studio is a welcoming and motivational hub of fitness, weight loss and toning. We never thought we would be so busy, and we mean sustained busy. Our opening hours have now extended to opening at 6:30am to facilitate those who want to complete their 30 minutes fat burning before work,” explains Lisa.

“sásta is such a rewarding business to own and operate – not just financially (which is of course very important to us) but also working with people to really achieve brilliant weight loss and fitness."

Joanne adds: “Personally, both of us have struggled with our weight and have tried every diet available, but have always put all the weight back on again. sásta is different, providing an easy, healthy way of losing weight and keeping it off without starving in the process. We can genuinely say we love owning and working in such a positive business. The assistance we get from Fiona and the team is amazing. Training, marketing campaigns and technical support are contributing to our success every day.”

Kevin Feeney, customer, sásta Sligo

“Going from being unable to tie my own shoelaces to a trim energetic new me, sásta has been a life changing experience. I have lost 6st 9lbs and 22 ins. The vacuum exercise is brilliant but just as important is the motivational support and encouragement of Joanne and Lisa.”

Ciara, customer, sásta Cavan

“I find sásta is great because it is only half an hour and you can do it whatever the weather is like. I find I do my sessions early in the day and am now more careful about what I eat. I have lost three stone and have become a regular user.”