sásta changing the shape of health and fitness

The sásta franchise network’s expansion has showed no signs of slowing down across the country and is currently poised to cross the Irish Sea and become one of the big players in health and fitness throughout the UK too. Gareth Samuel investigates the benefits for franchise owners, customers and countless employees of sásta as this extraordinary business model really begins to pick up the pace.

Without Demand, even the most spellbinding and practically workable business model can fail. This is one reason why sásta, the revolutionary health and fitness brand, is destined for international stardom. There is a good chance that you have already seen the presence of the bright green money-making machine that is taking Ireland’s high street’s by storm as the business continues to make headway and open up locations nationwide.

Appearances in The Irish Times, on Nationwide TV and in many more national publications have also boosted publicity. The reason for this national interest is the unprecedented weight loss results the franchise guarantees.

Founder, Fiona Egan, who is the driving force behind the brand’s successes across the Emerald Isle, is not even slightly surprised by the way in which her business has taken off. “The sásta business model is based around our patented fitness pod, which provides clients with an exercise opportunity that gives guaranteed results in four weeks,” comments Fiona. “The short 30-minute work-out is very appealing to busy people.”

The emergence of sásta’s patented Fitness Pod has produced weight loss results for hundreds of grateful consumers as they gladly shed pounds like never before – half an hour on the vacuum assisted pod achieves amazing results in comparison to any other form of exercise. When a product delivers results, with a consumer 100 per cent money back guarantee, it is a very easy sell to consumers. Investors, such as Athlone franchise owner, Noel McTiernan has already seen the benefits of real demand. He explains: “I really do believe that this thing (sásta) is going to be massive, that’s why I invested in it, people are not just seeing the results they want in months – but in weeks.”
Fiona and her team, with the assistance of expert franchise consultants have put together a franchise package fit for the modern age. The initial investment fee includes everything necessary to set up an operating branch of the sásta franchise, including six fitness pods, premises selection, marketing materials, comprehensive training and a fully co-ordinated launch programme. The franchise package’s qualities have even been recognised by the Irish Franchise Association, which recognised Fiona Egan’s achievements with Irish Franchise Association’s Franchising Woman of the Year Award 2013.

Fiona comments: “Franchise owners do not need specific prior experience as a comprehensive training plan is part of the franchise package. A strong desire to succeed and provide excellent customer service is essential. Franchise owners must be self-motivated, positive minded and have the necessary determination to develop their own business.”

sásta is inevitably a franchise that will have a presence on an international stage in the very near future, the sky really is the limit for one of the most genuinely desirable consumer and investor offerings to emerge in the health and fitness sector for decades. But for Fiona and her legions of fighting fit customers, Ireland will always be the birthplace of the idea that changed the shape of the health and fitness industry forever.