A taste for adventure

Inspired by sumptuous Mexican street fare, Saburritos is a unique combination of authentic Mexican cuisine combined with the relaxed ambiance of a Californian burrito bar, to create a unique casual dining experience.

At Saburritos we begin with authentic recipes passed down through generations.

We bring these culinary stories to life by combining the freshest local wholesome ingredients, which imported authentic Mexican products to create delicious meals full of flavour and nutrition, reminiscent of the mouth-watering food one would find on the streets of Mazitlan or San Francisco.

The burrito bar culture is one of the biggest food trends to emerge in recent years.

Young mobile professionals have become familiar with the flavoursome profile of Mexican cuisine and are local dining options. Mexican food is accessible and does not stand on pretence or ceremony; it’s an informal way to enjoy tasty, exciting food with friends.

Saburritos provides you with an opportunity to bring this experience to your centre or high street location.

Saburritos locations can range in size from 400-1,200 square feet. Locations not located within centre food courts can seat 12 to 40 guests.

Preference will be given location meeting the following criteria:

  • Located in an area with high lunch time trade

  • High street locations near to offices and/or higher education facilities

  • Food courts in shopping centres with a quality offering

  • Locations containing a kitchen are with extraction.

  • High visibility, high footfall locations

  • No overabundance of competition in the trade area.