Join in our Success story as a Rush Hair franchisee

Our market

The UK’s expanding hairdressing industry is worth over £5bn a year; it’s not without good reason we often hear news stories of this growing market being ‘recession-proof’ as for millions of British women it’s the last luxury to sacrifice.

Our passion

In 1994 we opened the doors to our first ever hair salon. Nineteen years later and we have firmly stamped our mark in hairdressing history with 62 bustling salons and a multitude of awards in every area of the business, winning nine prestigious British Hairdressing Awards, including this year’s London Hairdresser of the Year 2012/13. With our boundless passion and determination Rush Hair is set to become one of the leading hairdressing brands in the world.

Our franchise programme

Our Rush franchise programme is a partnership of mutual interests. The philosophy, which underpins it, is to perfectly balance the creative and commercial needs of the business, which ensures that your Rush franchise salon thrives.

Our Experts

At Rush Hair we’re passionate about success and with our inspiring founders leading the way we’ve also a team of industry professionals from blue-chip backgrounds, so you couldn't be in safer hands.

Finance Team Finance helps you keep on track and provides you with the skills you need to quickly become financially viable to secure your future for you and your Rush franchise salon. Operations Team Our ‘Ops’ team will help you with day-to-day issues running your business with our brand, but most importantly their main task is to help you convert your new clients into regular clients to help you quickly put your Rush franchise salon on a sound footing. Marketing Team Marketing’s main job Is to promote our brand and help drive new clients to your salon.

Why Rush?

Our franchisees have the edge because they have access to:

  • A proven business model and a wealth of talent to support and help them grow with our brand
  • Clients. Every week we look after over 10,000 clients and with a focus on customer experience that leads the pack, we’re growing fast
  • The best staff in the business – we pride ourselves in our training programmes to give you the most talented stylists anywhere
  • Our dedicated Franchise Team, supports our franchisees every step of the way – from selecting the right site and salon design to negotiating with lawyers and accountants
  • On-going support from our teams in Operations, Marketing and HR ensures you and your Rush franchise salon get the staff and the clients it needs to excel
  • An internationally recognised and award winning brand – if there’s a major industry award out there the chances are we’ve wont it!

Do you have what it takes?

You’ll certainly need to be an inspired leader, have passion to succeed and although valuable hairdressing experince is by no means essential. We’re looking for people who:

  • Have the desire to run a successful business
  • Have £50,000 to invest. We will assist with the remainder of the funding
  • Possess the skills needed to inspire people and drive their business forward