Fergal Toland launched his Louth, Meath and Dublin Purifry franchise on the 1 November 2011.

What was your previous occupation and why did you leave?
Previously I was in IT Management and Consultancy. The contract I was on finished so I took a break.

Why did you decide to look into franchising?
Franchising allows you to run your own business, with somebody else’s proven methods. As the structure is already proven and some of the functions of the business – marketing or IT for example is centrally run, allowing you to concentrate on generating business.

What was your criteria for a franchise?
I looked for something I could afford that had a reasonable chance of being successful.

Where did you find out about this franchise?
Initially in the Irish Franchise Magazine, then I attended a Discovery meeting held by the franchisor.

What appealed most about the Purifry franchise?
The sales proposition to customers, as it gives you the ability to charge something for the service and, in a lot of cases, the ability to save customers money in the process.

What training did you receive?
Classroom training, which lasted for three days and covered technical, sales, IT, health and safety, and the administration side of the business. Then practical field training for a week, which provided practice and training in the onsite processes and procedures. The training also included a week of sales support in my area, arranging and attending meetings and demonstrations.

What type of support have you received?
The franchisor generated sales leads and contacted customers for me, demonstrating cold calling techniques. The franchisor also arranged and attended demonstrations, which could lead to trials and sales. Purifry’s Managing Director, Carey Baxter, makes himself very available, always on the phone or email, and is ready at any stage to take a phone call from a franchise owner.

What is your future plan for the business?
My plan is to fill my customer quota very quickly and expand to a second van.

What sort of person do you think this franchise would suit?
Someone who is not afraid of demanding work, patient, good attention to detail, not afraid of getting dirty and good with people.