PuriFry - A First For Dublin

Fryer Management Franchise, PuriFry, which specialises in the cleaning and filtration of deep fat fryers has expanded its operations into the Republic of Ireland with its first Dublin franchise owner Philip Breslin.

Philip, of Sutton Dublin, formerly worked in the construction industry, but with the economic downturn he decided the time was right to realise his self employment dreams. Philip believed that with the high price of cooking oil and hotels, pubs, schools and hospitals facing significant economic and financial pressures, a service, which extends oil life and reduces costs, made an excellent business proposition.

Philip explains: “At 54, I found myself in a position where no-one wanted to give me a job so I decided to look at what opportunities were available in the franchise industry and came across what is an excellent concept - fryer management.

“Having spent considerable time researching what was available, I felt PuriFry and its range of services really did tick all the boxes for me, giving me the chance to be self employed but with the backup of a highly experienced team, in an untapped local market.”

Carey Baxter, Managing Director of PuriFry, said: “Philip is an excellent addition to our network as our first franchise owner in Ireland, with the right mix of enthusiasm and work ethic to make his business a real success.

“Ireland, as a nation, is in serious financial difficulty at the moment, but Philip’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with our business model, have demonstrated there really are opportunities for those who are willing to go that extra mile, and provide a high quality, beneficial service.

“There are a huge number of businesses with catering facilities, which can benefit from the PuriFry service and we are looking forward to continue working with Philip to help him exceed his goals and buck the economic trend.”

PuriFry uses unique specialised filtration equipment to extract the oil at working temperature from deep fat fryers, thus avoiding expensive down time. It is then filtered, removing microscopic particles of food so you can actually see the oil change in colour, stored until the fryer is cleaned and returned for further use, removal of used oil is also part of the service giving customers the added benefit of environmental improvements.

On his experience to date Philip says: “The training and support have been excellent, helping me to - after three months on the road – exceed my expectations and targets, which is very satisfying in the middle of an economic crisis!”