The Sophisticated Choice

A sophisticated, proven and successful franchise operation, Prontaprint's business-print centres have earned the trust and loyalty of clients thanks to franchisees with the energy, drive, determination and people skills to forge successful and highly-profitable business relationships. Prontaprint reports on how it is leading the way in Ireland's print-on-demand marketplace.

With high levels of support and the ability to trade as one of the best-known brands in the market, Prontaprint offers lucrative opportunities to potential franchisees who have the ambition to achieve the levels of financial reward and lifestyle satisfaction associated with successful business ownership.

Prontaprint is currently seeking new and dynamic franchisees to expand its operations in line with its strategy to open new digital design, copy and print centres in Ireland.

High rewards are attainable: a number of Prontaprint franchisees now enjoy annual turnovers in excess of €1.4million, and with start up costs of just €42,000 a Prontaprint franchise is an ideal choice for youthful business professionals with a strong sales, marketing or business management pedigree.

David and Gayle Foulds, who own Prontaprint Leeson Street in Dublin, are now reaping the rewards of running their own business under the Prontaprint brand. David, a former management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, and Gayle, a former marketing director, took over the centre in May 2004. The couple took over the franchise from family friends, Matt and Irene Campbell, who cashed in on the growth in their investment to enjoy their financial security after 17 years at Leeson Street.

'David and I always wanted to run our own business so when Matt and Irene told us that they were thinking of retiring we were immediately interested in finding out more about the business and franchise arrangement,' Gayle recalls. 'When we realised its success - it has the largest turnover of all the Prontaprint centres in Ireland - it became an extremely attractive business opportunity.

'We've been able to achieve real success in just a few short months and we're definitely moving in the right direction. The help and 'know-how' is always there from Prontaprint and it's their name above the door, but it's really is up to you what you make of it. We'd recommend a Prontaprint franchise to anyone.'

Prontaprint's success as a print-on-demand expert and franchise organisation is a true reflection on its total commitment to all its franchisees. The company realises that the hard work of its entrepreneurial franchisees must be consistently supported and Prontaprint's support programme is widely recognised as one of the best in the franchising industry.

Each franchisee is given the tools and know-how to build, develop and market their business within their local area. Ongoing business support services from Prontaprint include sales & marketing, property matters, financial administration, IT, technical development, personnel and field-based business planning. This vital high quality assistance is included in the Prontaprint franchise fees - a major saving as it would represent a significant investment if purchased on the open market from private business consultants.

'Those franchisees who measure up to Prontaprint's high standards can be assured of high-quality lifetime development support,' says Laird MacKay, Managing Director at Prontaprint. 'The kind of experience, training and continuing business consultancy advice that we offer is invaluable and essential to success in a fast-moving and constantly evolving marketplace. It's this level of support that helps make Prontaprint what it is today - one of Europe's best known brands and a great place to fulfil personal dreams of running a highly profitable business.'

You Have the Head for Business... We Have the Hat that Fits!

A Prontaprint franchise is the educated choice for your own business. Prontaprint has 189 franchises in the UK and Ireland each providing high quality digital design, printing and copying for a Print-on-Demand market that has huge potential for growth.

We currently have opportunities for sales-orientated and ambitious individuals with the vision to buy established centres and pro-actively drive the business forward.