Break into a booming marketplace

Prontaprint, Europe's leading print, design and copy specialist, has a wealth of recruitment opportunities available to aspiring franchisees as it rolls out a new generation of digital business print centres across Ireland. Prontaprint reports.

The €73 million Prontaprint organisation, part of the Dublin-based Adare print group, boasts clients such as Oxfam, Hush Puppies and DaimlerChrysler and, with small and medium-sized companies making up the majority of businesses in Ireland, the marketplace for Prontaprint services is huge.

Many of Prontaprint's digital print centres enjoy annual turnovers well in excess of €1 million and Prontaprint is keen to attract more talented franchisees with the ambition to grow their own centres to a similar level. With entry costs from just €42,000, those substantial monetary rewards are available to young entrepreneurs who may previously have lacked the funds to be a key player in the success of a major franchise organisation.

Target locations across Ireland currently include Waterford, Limerick and Galway as well as additional centres in Dublin. Potential applicants should have a track record in management, sales and marketing, but Prontaprint centre staff can tackle any technical or professional areas in which the franchisee doesn't have experience.

New additions to Prontaprint's growing team of franchisees include David and Gayle Foulds at the digital print centre in Leeson Street, Dublin. David and Gayle are typical of the kind of new franchisees Prontaprint are looking for. David, a former Management Consultant with Deloitte Consulting, and Gayle, a former Marketing Director, took over the existing Prontaprint centre in 2004 following the retirement of the previous franchisee.

'The Leeson Street centre was a very attractive business opportunity and, with the back up and support of a well known brand such as Prontaprint, we felt confident we could only improve on the financial success that had already been established by its previous owners,' explains David.

'We did our research and found Prontaprint to be a dynamic franchise organisation which suits people with an ambition to succeed. Prontaprint has provided us with a proven formula for success and as long as we apply ourselves as franchisees, the rewards are there for the taking.'

Prontaprint Leeson Street currently has an impressive portfolio of white collar business clients in Dublin, including a raft of banks, solicitors, accountants, business consultants and government departments. The print-on-demand centre provides anything from business proposal documents, volume copying and document finishing to collation, exhibition display posters and window graphics.

With lower start-up costs, faster production times and more flexibility than litho-based print centres, Prontaprint's new digital print centres represent a golden opportunity for would-be franchisees to break into the booming marketplace for on-demand business print services.



  • Can you sell ice to an Eskimo?
  • Can you build and retain relationships with clients?
  • Can you develop a winning team?
  • Do you want to call the shots and enjoy the spoils?

If the answer is yes, then a Prontaprint business franchise is ideal for you. You can start your own franchise for as little as €42,000 and we'll provide all the training and ongoing support that you need.

We plan to open shortly in Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Dublin. Will you be the one to seize this unique opportunity?