Expansion in Ireland

Partners Kristian O’Donovan and Tomás Finneran successfully manage, operate and own three Pitman Training centres throughout Ireland and have handled the task of expansion with great ease.

The first centre opened by Tomás and Kristian was the centre in Co. Kerry. When asked about the challenges faced as being part of a franchise Tomás stated: “The main challenge is probably also the main opportunity. We have had to relinquish some control and decision making and work in a wider partnership with the overall network.

While this can be difficult, especially when used to being able to make your own decisions quickly, there is a real benefit in working with other franchisees with different experiences, perspectives and ideas”.

Both Tomás and Kristian were lucky enough to experience an immediate success with the Kerry centre. The same was not experienced with the opening of the Cork centre. At first business was slow, the guys had to implement new ways to work.

Tomás mentioned that it took a couple of months for them to find their feet as it was a new experience of dividing time and having two areas of focus. Thankfully Cork is now the fastest growing centre in Ireland and continues to prosper.

The guys credit their team of staff for each centres success and look forward to the new challenge faced with the opening of a Waterford centre this year. They feel confident that this will be a straightforward operation and feel that past experience has proved a valuable learning block.

When asked about being a franchise owner in Ireland Tomás stated that “While there is no doubt that Ireland is an expensive place to start and run a business, there is certainly a return on investment that manifests in great people, friendly and supportive networks, and a no-nonsense, “can-do” attitude”.