My Destination unveils Irish expansion plans

My Destination is an internet-based company that provides detailed information about various travel destinations around the world. My Destination has offices in London, Marbella and Los Angeles and is now looking to expand its network throughout the whole of Ireland. They have set up base in Country Clare where Gerard Lynch will be operating for this territory and will be looking after the recruitment drive for Ireland.

Their experts provide local information on over 100 unique travel sites. Their goal is to provide unique and informative details from locals of specific destinations about their community. This inside information, which the locals provide, is on local merchants. They also share where to get the best buys on local merchandise.

My Destination's main objective is to give their clients the best value for their money by providing insight on their local community. They provide travel guides and articles, special tips from locals of the area, along with videos and virtual tours, which give their customers a sneak preview of what to expect which leads to anticipation that many enjoy.