Munster Tool Co - A Better Quality Of Life

Munster Tool Co imports and distributes high quality, specialised tools to the automotive industry across Ireland. The company was founded in 1980 by Martin McMahon and Donal Healy and in 2004 the duo embarked on a project to create a sustainable franchise network to serve customers nationwide under the advice and guidance of Eamon Curtin of HJM Business Development.

One of its longest serving franchisees, Aidan Sheedy, is celebrating his fourth year of business he says: 'My quality of life has definitely improved. I used to work behind a desk all day every day and now I am out on the road, meeting new people and basically working for myself. The flexibility of my working hours means I can now spend more time with my children.

'Running your own business is challenging as the responsibility for generating new business is down to you and you have to keep reminding yourself that 'the more sales I make, the more money I make'. However, it is nice not to have someone behind you cracking the whip or giving you orders and the satisfaction you get from making your own sales is all the motivation you need.

'The ongoing support I have received from Donal, Martin and the others at Munster Tool Co has proven invaluable especially their product knowledge. I can ring the guys in Mallow at any time and they are always ready with advice.

'At the quarterly meetings more product training is provided as well as sales tips and techniques. The opportunity to get together with the other franchisees at the quarterly meetings is useful as we are able to share tips and advice.

'In the beginning, the Muster Tool Co showed me figures and discussed sales targets and I remember thinking to myself, it can't be that easy. I had never sold anything before in my life, and I admit I had my doubts, but because these products are of such good quality and coming from reputable companies, I have been pleased to find they sell themselves.

'I will be very happy indeed if I am still with Munster Tool Co in ten years time, pushing the products even further and continuing to make the sales. The thing about this career is that it has the best of both worlds, you are basically running your own business, but you can still avail of all the support being offered. I would certainly recommend it to others, as long as they are aware that you must be prepared to work, to listen to the advice from the franchise and other franchisees and to motivate yourself. If none of these are a problem, then there are great opportunities here for you.

'Since joining the Munster Tool Co network I have gained different skills. I am very impressed with my newfound ability to relate to customers. I didn't think I would be able to interact with new people every day and create relationships with my customers, but it has been the most rewarding part of this journey so far. Talking to customers and listening to their problems and dealing with their queries is what my job is all about.'