Growing Customer Base Fuels MBE Expansion in Ireland

The first Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Irish centre opened in Wandesford Quay, Cork, in 2000. Today, there are over 100 operating centres throughout the UK and Ireland offering convenient, fast and cost-effective business services to the public and to local companies.

Managing Director, Chris Gillam, states: 'There are still many franchise areas available across the UK and Ireland, in towns and cities that would undoubtedly benefit from an MBE centre providing so many important services, including international parcels packing and delivery; digital copying; mailbox services; document finishing; office supplies; stationery; fax and online communications and postal services.

'We know from franchisees that the customer base is growing all the time, as the need for our services continues to grow, to serve both traditional businesses as well as a myriad of new ones, particularly for example those that the Internet has created.'

After years of working and living abroad, Management Consultant Paul Lemass was familiar with the many different services offered by MBE all over the world. But, as a customer, it never crossed his mind that one day he would have his own MBE centre in Dublin.

Paul understood franchising very well, having lived in the USA. From his experience there, he had seen many different types of franchised businesses and knew that franchising works. At the time, franchising was in its infancy in Ireland, so Paul was excited at being in at the start of something new.

His wife Larissa had a background in sales and customer service. She has found this experience invaluable since she and Paul opened the Pearse Street centre two years ago. She works full-time in the business. 'We are getting better known and are working very hard at marketing the business, to pick up new customers,' Larissa commented. 'Of course, it does take time to get established and you need to see a franchise as a long-term investment.'