Kick Start Fat Loss in Ireland

Sidney Brito, of Kick Start Fat Loss, explains how the brand is standing out from the crowd in a burgeoning market, and aiming to change the way we look at nutrition and exercise as ‘The New Revolution in Weight Loss’

IFM: How was 2014 for your company?

SB: It was an amazing year for us! We only launched KSFL on the 23rd Nov 2014 and since then have grown to 32+ locations throughout Ireland!

IFM: What challenges did you face?

SB: As a brand new concept arriving to Ireland for the first time, we knew it was going to be challenging to bring peoples attention to our brand new approach to diet and exercise with guaranteed results, but once we did it spread like a fire!

IFM: Opportunities for 2015?

SB: Several catering companies and businesses want to incorporate KSFL healthy plan into the workplace to improve the staff’s health, fitness and vitality.

IFM: How many locations you have in Ireland?

SB: To-date we have 32 sub franchise owners in Ireland, each running their own location, many already with sub contractors working for them.

IFM: What is unique about your business in comparison to other companies in the same industry?

It’s UNIQUE. We don’t count calories or points. We are all about arming people with knowledge about how the human bodies work when it comes to fat loss so they can make lifestyle changes (not just before the holidays and after Christmas). We incorporate fitness into our fat loss live clubs and all clients also have access to the kickstarfatloss website where they gain access to daily online workouts to help with their goals.

IFM: How do you keep your clients motivation to continue with their fitness regime after the initial motivation of the New Year has worn off?

SB: KNOWLEDGE. The more people understand about how our bodies work, how detrimental yo-yo dieting is in the long term, the more they stick to the plan. By the time the visible results arrive, they are hooked.

IFM: Are you seeing an increase in fitness level within this sector, if so why do you think this is?

SB: Big changes. I think people start to realize that BIG chains gyms are not giving them enough support to change their lifestyle, so they are now looking to other alternatives like KSFL.

IFM: What are the advantages of operating a franchise brand?

SB: Rachel Holmes, the creator who is based in the UK, is one of the world’s leading fitness instructors and her knowledge and that of her team in fitness and nutrition is as good as it gets. She has all the resources that us fitness instructors don’t have. I, like many others in the fitness industry, have tried to run my own fat loss programmes, however I soon realised I didn’t have the manpower to create the resources she has developed for the programme. It is a very small investment for what we actually get.

IFM: Why did you decide on the franchise model?

SB: I have been in the fitness industry for well over 25 years, teaching in Brazil, New York and 14 years in Ireland. I’ve seen all types of weight loss programmes coming and going but KSFL is here to stay. The concept is unique, simple but unique. There seems to be a huge gap between slimming clubs and health clubs... KSFL is the bridge that joins them.

IFM: Have you noticed any new trends in the industry?

SB: In the fitness industry is all about delivering lasting results and actually changing the way people look and feel.

IFM: Does you adapt your business strategy according to trends in the market, and if so how does this impact on training schedule for existing franchise owners?

SB: We keep getting new content every week, which all franchisees access via their dashboard on the website.

IFM: Any other details you feel are relevant.

SB: KSFL offers a healthy alternative to slimming clubs. No points, no calories, simply fresh food the way our grandparents used to eat. Results? More energy, less fat, improve sleep and an overall sense of well-being.

IFM: Why did you decide on the franchise model for your business?

AA: We established jump lanes with the prospect of expanding our product internationally, as we feel that we have the best possible design and can provide a service second to none in this industry.