Howards Storage World: Build a National Retail Chain

Howards Storage World is a retail concept that was first established in Australia in 1997. Carrying a range of 'storage solutions' for the home and office, Howards Storage World began franchising the following year and has established a national chain of over 50 outlets.

In 2004 the company granted its first international Master Franchise to John and Patricia Veness in Singapore. Further Master Franchises were granted in 2005 enabling the concept to launch in New Zealand, Spain and the Middle East, while the Robinsons Handyman Group has recently invested in the national rights for the Philippines to further the brand's global expansion. The latest Master to be signed is Ireland, incorporating both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The product range includes hangers, storage boxes, racks, baskets, bins, rails, trays, hooks, stands and drawers, and is divided in to 14 categories including kitchen, home office, garage, wine cellar and outdoor.

'Most homes today are increasingly burdened with the problem of too much clutter,' says Howards Storage World Director Dirk Spence.

'We own so many items, whether it be CDs, golf clubs, TV and audio systems or clothing and accessories, which all need to have a home. In many cases this is combined with small living spaces such as apartments or flats, making it difficult to stay organised and able to find things when you need them. Howards Storage World offers a vast range of storage solutions for tidying up, sorting out and getting organised.

"Storage is not something unique to Australians, but rather an issue facing people everywhere. Our unique offering of innovative storage ideas has been enthusiastically embraced by shoppers and we are now seeking Master Franchisees in many countries around the world.'

Master Franchisees are sought in new territories to own and run a franchise network within their own country. This will require a strong business background, the passion and drive to grow the concept across a region and the ability to raise the finance for such a project.

Adds Spence: 'Whether you're a business person looking for an opportunity, or a corporation looking to take on and expand a retail chain, we invite you to enquire about international Master Franchising opportunities with Howards Storage World.'