Health and fitness in the Irish franchise industry 2015

Wendy Coyle investigates the fast-expanding industry and the fantastic business opportunity, as more Irish people embrace the fitness trend.

A recent study conducted by Trinity College, Dublin, has reported that a staggering 37 per cent of adults in Ireland are now overweight with a further 25 per cent considered obese. The study also highlights the increased levels of obesity in the over-50’s with four out of five suffering with this condition, these reported figures are in excess of the average European levels.

Another study, carried out by the University of Washington also found that 26.5 per cent of Irish females and 16 per cent of Irish males under the age of 20 are classed as overweight or obese. In addition, Ireland’s only dedicated childhood obesity treatment programme at Temple Street Children’s Hospital has reported a 400 per cent increase in referrals of children under the age of five.

These worrying figures indicate the overweight and obesity problem in Ireland is present within all demographics irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity.

Being overweight or obese poses many risks to an individual’s health including the heightened possibility of developing certain cancers, Osteoarthritis, Reproductive Problems, High Blood Pressure and Strokes to mention but a few. Regular exercise and Healthy eating is not just a matter of looking good it’s about protecting your quality of life.

Now more than ever Irish people are becoming aware of the need to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is contributing to the recovery of the fitness industry in Ireland. A recent survey has found that two in five Irish people aim to get fit in the New Year (Luke Byrne, 2014). In addition a recent poll carried out by Ipsos MRBI showed that 28 per cent of those who made a resolution in 2014 vowed to shed the pounds and be healthier.

Irish people spend over €2.4 billion on sports and fitness related activities every year. The health and fitness industry in Ireland is mainly driven by the under 35 female market segment. A combined 850,000 male and female gym members spend appropriately €435 million on membership per year (Philip Lee Sport Report, 2014). In Europe, the health club industry generates $32.9 million from nearly 50,000 health clubs, and serves 44.9 million members (IHRSA, 2014). In addition, Europe, the second largest weight loss industry in the world, is expected to reach $238 billion by the end of 2014, a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.9 per cent. This segment is growing as a result of the more health-conscious consumer, leading to a higher demand for products and services (Markets and Markets, 2014).

The franchise industry offers a range of options to meet the diverse needs of the Health and Fitness industry, highlighted in this this feature are three successful brands that provide services to these various market segments. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your health, increase your energy and get fit, look no further than the Irish Franchise Industry. The industry provides the appropriate advice, support and most importantly the proven results required to assist clients in reaching their fitness and weight-loss goals.

Alternatively, if you have ever thought about becoming a franchise owner in this growing market, the brands featured are ones to look out for in 2015. With Fit4less Gyms affordable yet high quality brand, Sasta Fitness successful, innovative and patented technology and Adventure Alley’s fun and exciting alternative for kids, providing highly qualified staff with a shared vision to deliver services to the market in a safe and cost effective environment this industry has a lot to offer.