A Gripping Prospect for Irish Entrepreneurs

Grippit is a manufacturer and supplier of unique visual communications display boards and signs. The GRIPPIT™ product range incorporates a revolutionary paper grip slat system which totally eliminates the need for drawing pins, magnetised strips or tack adhesives.

The GRIPPIT™ Franchise package Includes:

• Exclusive rights to use the GRIPPIT™ trademark & logo and sell the GRIPPIT™ product range throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
• Business Start Up support, including Business Plan production, assembly and layout planning
• A GRIPPIT™ Corporate Identity Package for stationery production
• Sales, Training, marketing and Public Relations support
• Web presence and unique email address linked to www.grippit.co.uk
• Full access to and use of GRIPPIT™ technical specifications, component sourcing and assembly drawings

Estimated set up costs circa 95,000 euros (including franchise fee)