Representatives from UK-based Franchise Development Services (FDS) who attended the Irish Franchise Expo last weekend were impressed with both the franchise concepts being exhibited and the high calibre of potential franchise owners attending.

Professor Roy Seaman (Pictured right), Managing Director of FDS, which provides a franchise consultancy service and has helped hundreds of companies to franchise their businesses in the UK, Ireland and worldwide, attended the Irish Franchise Expo along with other representatives from the company.

“The Dublin Franchise Expo highlighted more than 50 franchisors that have not only survived the recession, but are making extremely good progress with their Irish franchise development,” Professor Seaman said.

“A very high calibre of prospective franchise owners provided everybody with the confidence they need in order to look forward to the future. Individuals of all backgrounds, ranging from parents with their recently graduated children looking for suitable ways to help them acquire a franchise business, through to previous property owners and developers cashing in some of their assets and looking for a suitable retail or Master Franchise rights. The shear number of quality prospective franchise owners and franchise concepts being exhibited ensured that there was a busy time discussing the various options with the visitors.”

The Irish Franchise Expo is an annual exhibition that takes place in Dublin and is organised by the Irish Franchise Association. The event includes seminars and talks about the franchise industry, as well as enabling franchisors to exhibit their concepts to prospective franchise owners. Professor Seaman added: “The exhibition is recognised as a one stop shop for informative, educational seminars and features exhibitors offering products and services to help both the established and prospective franchisors and future franchise owners to succeed in the future.

“Ironically, the one franchise that the world would like to have coming out of Dublin is an Irish pub franchise. At present, this remains an opportunity to be developed.”