The most fun kids can have!!!

Formula Fun

Start your own for €35,000

Are there any on going charges / percentages?
We do not take a percentage of your turnover. However we do have a low monthly management fee to cover our administration costs €100.00 + VAT.

Is a Formula Fun Party suitable for you?

Fed up with the corporate Rat Race?

Are you looking to change your lifestyle or start your own business?

Are you ready to be your own boss and take responsibility for your actions and the rewards for your hard work?

Low monthly management fee, no commission, only €100.00 per month

What you get?

As part of your franchise package you will own outright the equipment necessary to run the business:

4 Electric Cub Go-Karts
8 Eco Friendly Battery Packs
4 Battery Chargers

1 Grand Prix Style Inflatable Track
1 Electric Blower
5,000 Full Colour Leaflets
1,000 Business Cards
1,000 Letterheads
1,000 Compliments Slips
1st Years Insurance Premium
Formula Fun Clothing Supplied
All Accessories Included (Cones, Extension Cables etc)

The Track

The bright and colourful circuit, which will be an attraction at any event, with its Grand Prix style arch is manufactured by craftsmen using a high quality fire resistant PVC material. It is twin sewn with double sided nylon base grade A BSS5867 B. fabric.

The track measures 15 x 11 meters and is supported by an electric air blower. The superior quality of the materials used ensures that it has a long life regardless of the outdoor or indoor conditions. The circuit can be put up in 48 seconds, with another minute or 2 taken to secure the track to prevent it from moving. The air filled texture of the track ensures that should a kart collide with the track, it will be brought to a safe gentle halt.