About Us

Figaro’s Pizza began in 1981 as the dream of two entrepreneurs, Corkey Gorley & Al Debacker in Salem and Albany, Oregon, who wanted to meet the needs of busy families. In an era when both parents often work outside the home and there’s a universal demand for speed, quality, value and convenience, Figaro’s Pizza’s popularity has increased year after year as a partner in the mealtime preparation.

The Company pioneered a product that became known as ‘take-and-bake’ pizza which a customer could watch get freshly prepared with only the best, freshest ingredients, and then could bake at home when they wanted to. Then, we added ovens, becoming the industry leader in providing customers the ‘we bake or you bake’ choice.

The Company focused from the beginning on creating unique, delicious, wholesome pizzas unlike the ‘other’ pizzas available. The attention to creating pizza masterpieces led to the commitment to not adding MSG, as well as no fillers or extenders, the use of only real cheese, the preparation of fresh dough at every location every day, special sauces blended with imported extra virgin olive oil, leaner choice meats and fresh vegetables. Combine it all, and you have a unique, and uniquely delicious product you will be proud to offer. Today, Figaro’s is the leading company offering both baked and unbaked pizzas.

Vision & Mission

We will grow into the leader of the carryout home meal replacement baked and take and bake pizza business by providing superior products, service, and value to our customers. We will do this in a business environment where challenges are met with creativity, integrity, and persistence.

Who We Are

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Ron Berger

Berger is an entrepreneur and franchising industry leader. Mr. Berger has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Figaro’s since June 1, 2001, when he, his wife (Carol), and Mr. Bill LeVine acquired Figaro’s. From August 1989 to September 2000, Berger served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rentrak Corporation, a publicly traded (NASDAQ-RENT) information and payment processor in the home video industry.

President: Richard S. Glenn

Mr. Glenn has served as President since October, 2009. Mr. Glenn served as Figaro’s General Manager and Vice President since March 31, 2008 and as Executive Vice President since December 1, 2008. He served as Schmizza International, Inc.’s Director of Operations from November 2004 to March 31, 2008. He joined Schmizza International, Inc. as Franchise Development Coordinator in August 2003. From January 1996 to October 1999, and from March 2001 to July 2003, he served as a Franchise Service Representative for Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Inc.


Figaro’s entered into its first international Master Franchise Agreement in November, 2006, with the Abu Dhabi National Catering Company, to develop Figaro’s in the U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. Since then, eight restaurants have opened in the major markets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Figaro’s has also entered into Master Franchise Agreements for Cyprus, where the first Figaro’s is operating, and Mexico. We seek qualified candidates for Master Franchises on a country by country basis throughout the world. In Canada, China, and India, we seek province/state by state Master candidates.

We are prepared to support you anywhere on the planet. We believe our delicious products will be immensely popular everywhere. When the General Manager of our UAE Master Franchise first visited us in the U.S., he had previously managed 250 Pizza Hut’s in the Middle East. Upon taking one bite of our popular Creamy Garlic Chicken pizza, he remarked:

“In my country this pizza will kill all other pizza!” And he was right. Come see us, taste the pizzas, and see for yourself why Figaro’s will be #1 in your country too.

Year Established: 1981
Year of First Franchise: 1986
Number of Franchised Outlets: 65
Areas of Priority Development: Europe

Overseas Opportunities Exist: Middle East (with shops open in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai), Mexico and Cyprus.

Total Cost of Franchise: +€150,000 to €500,000
Initial Investment: €75,000 to €200,000
Management Service Fees Payable: 5%
Advertising Fees Payable: 3%
Rights: Multi-Unit and possible Master Franchise only
IFA Member: Yes