Etyres set to replicate success in Ireland

Online tyres retailer etyres seeks a Master Franchise Owner to spearhead the brand's development across Northern and the Republic of Ireland, as part of its international expansion plans.

Managing Director of etyres Tony Bowman commented: "Ireland was the obvious choice for the first step into international expansion. This is because our existing suppliers already operate there, the language is the same and the Internet usage and driving habits are similar. Once we have found a suitable candidate, our aim will be to recruit between 10 and 20 Irish franchise owners.

"We are looking for a Master Franchise Owner with business experience and the ability to develop a nationwide network while maintaining a high level of customer service. The Master Franchise Owner will be responsible for all aspects of running the business except the website and e-commerce. Their role will include: fulfilling orders and recruiting franchise owners to providing ongoing support and training to the Irish franchise network.

"We expect the Master Franchise Owner to operate their own franchise, which will enable them to develop a better understanding of how the business operates, and of the opportunity they are selling to prospective franchise owners. The branch will be an excellent location for training franchise owners, filming videos and showing vans as well as demonstrating how the franchise works."