A new speciality coffee introduced nationwide

A new speciality coffee has been introduced into Ireland by Esquires Coffee Houses and is proven popular with coffee drinkers nationwide.

Already a staple on the Esquires Coffee Houses menu in Australia and New Zealand, the company has now introduced its Flat white or Flattie, as it is commonly known, into Ireland and the UK.

A Flattie is made up of a double ristretto, which is more intense than an espresso and made with less water giving it a uniquely smooth, pure flavour. Added to this is milk, making it smooth and flat unlike a frothy cappuccino. The coffee is served in an eight oz cup.

Esquires Coffee Houses is a coffee shop franchise that has franchise opportunities available throughout Ireland. The company aims to serve the best coffee possible and uses only Fairtrade coffee beans.

To encourage its baristas to take pride in the coffee they serve the company has created a badge of honour system. This system splits its baristas into three categories; giving one coffee bean for a barista, two coffee beans for a lead barista, and three coffee beans for a master barista.