The art of making perfect coffee

At Esquires Coffee, we very much pride ourselves on the quality of the coffee we serve our customers. We source only the finest of coffee beans from around the world and we have created a blend of beans which when roasted produce our beautiful espresso which is unique to us.

We recognise that serving great coffee is an art that takes time and skill and we rely on our professional baristas to deliver the perfect cup every time. All our Baristas are highly trained individuals who undergo not just practical training but must also learn the background and theory of their art.

Esquires grade baristas in to three groupings, i.e. Barista, Lead Barista and Master Barista, and this is dependent upon the level of expertise and exams that baristas have passed. Each barista is awarded a badge of honour, one coffee bean for barista, two coffee beans for lead barista and three coffee beans for Master Barista. Mateusz Gogola and Monica Gieroszka (pictured below), both from Esquires Coffee in Carrick on Shannon, recently became the first baristas to achieve the rank of Master Barista in Ireland.

The one thing customers can be assured of is that their coffee will be prepared by all of our baristas to the highest of standards.

Gourmet speciality coffees, unlike instant coffee, takes time to prepare, so, if we take a little more time over your coffee than our competitors it’s only to ensure that the coffee prepared for you is the perfect cup of coffee. This is our promise to you, the perfect cup of coffee every time.