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Get Motivating

Dyno-Rod Marketing Projects Manager Andrew Whitehead discusses the important role motivation plays in franchising.

Keeping the workforce motivated is one essential part of every business...after all one of the most important assets a company has is its staff.

For a franchisor, it is the performances of their franchisees and their staff which have a positive or negative impact on the growth and development of the company and its brand. Therefore, keeping brand values at the forefront of franchisees' minds is essential.

This can be achieved through effective motivation, and a franchisor must recognise there are two distinct types of motivation - self and internal.

Most franchisees will do their best without any special urging from Head Office, obtaining positive encouragement from the day to day benefits of running a business. Naturally, money is an important factor for the majority of franchisees - the incentive of running a successful business with the benefits of increased profit is one obvious factor. Also, the re-sale value of the franchise, which depends on its success, provides an added motivation in creating a legacy to sell on or pass to a family member. Additionally, the challenge of running a franchise is in itself motivating. Franchisees and franchisors need to constantly seek opportunities for growth to avoid remaining stagnant in the marketplace.

However, a company cannot rely on self-motivation alone and special incentives must be put in place by the franchisor through internal motivation. Competitions based on performance are one way to spur franchisees into extra efforts. These performance-based contests can reward standard growth criteria - such as increased turnover, business development activities and staff training - as well as customer satisfaction. Rewards can be as simple as holiday vouchers or cash for re-investment purposes. This provides an excellent opportunity to continue to improve operational efficiency and sales growth. Many franchisors hold 'franchisee of the year' competitions and operate ongoing reward programmes for franchisees demonstrating excellence in customer service.

It is also important that franchisees receive ongoing support from the franchisor. This includes help with additional marketing and a strategic communications programme involving press relations from an external professional public relations and marketing agency. Also, regular meetings with Area Managers can provide social occasions, breaks from the day to day routine, a chance to meet and talk with the company 'brass' and an opportunity to air feelings and discuss ideas - this helps with identifying with the group as a whole. Franchisees often meet socially which is another opportunity to swap notes.

A company's attitude towards its franchisees affects behaviour. If franchisees are held in high esteem and a good working relationship is established, excellence is encouraged and a platform is established for future joint growth opportunities.


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