Drain Doctors washes away the competition

The Dublin based business of Drain Doctor Plumbing, which covers the city and surrounding areas, has crowned another incredibly year by being presented with an award for achieving a high ‘per capita’ turnover.

The award is awarded to franchisees that have generated outstanding turnover related to the population of the area they serve.

Freddie Mitman, Group founder and chairman, presented franchisees Paul Griffin and John Dempsey with their trophy at a gala awards night at the Holiday Inn Hotel in the historic English midlands town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Paul griffin said: "We were delighted to receive our award this year. We try on a daily basis to grow the Drain Doctor name, brand and service and as a company we have worked hard to keep building our business - especially during the down turn, which has occurred in Ireland over recent years. This award is recognition of that hard work.

"We have built up a good customer base who we feel are very loyal to us, but in saying that we work really hard to make sure we give them dazzling all round service. We have great staff who are very loyal and we all work as a team, which is vital as the hours can be very long - it's 24/7"

Paul Griffin said: "We aim to continue to give businesses and householders in Ireland the same ‘dazzling' level of service in plumbing and drainage which Drain Doctor provides across the UK. Experience has taught us the importance of delivering a premium service on time every time and this has been borne out by this recognition.

"We investigated several franchise options when we decided to launch a new business and were impressed by Drain Doctor Plumbing's professionalism. It allows us to be our own boss and introduce innovative new ideas but with all the support of an international organisation, a fact that is reflected in the winning of this award."