Drain Doctor comes to Ireland: why now is the time to get on board

Late last year, one of the UK’s largest emergency plumbing services companies, Drain Doctor, responded to the Republic of Ireland’s favourable business conditions with the appointment of new Master Licensees, a move which will create exciting new franchise opportunities.

After 11 highly successful years running a Drain Doctor franchise in Dublin, new licensees – Paul Griffin, John Dempsey and Mark Griffin – paved the way for others to follow suit, and are excited to bring the company’s quality services to the whole of the country.

Paul Griffin comments: “We have built up a very successful Drain Doctor franchise business in the emergency drainage and plumbing in the Dublin area over the past 10 years. Because of this and the Drain Doctor brand and system, we feel that there is a wonderful opportunity for others within the Republic of Ireland to do the same.”

Drain Doctor Ireland is part of a group of companies looking after more than 1,400 independent franchise owners. The new Master Licensee believes the company’s international success is testament to the power of a group of companies working together towards a common goal.

Drain Doctor provides a nationwide, high quality, uniform service experience for all those in need of expert emergency drainage and plumbing services, and for Paul, is the first worldwide company to recognise this need.

He comments: “Others have tried emergency plumbing or emergency drain clearing. None have, however, combined the two services on a national, high-profile basis. We’ve put together an unbeatable, dynamic, and successful system of building a business, and we’re here to back you all the way.

“You can grow your business more profitably, increase your volume and enjoy greater net profit by joining the Drain Doctor team.”

Why invest in a Drain Doctor franchise?

The need:

Paul explains: “All consumers are looking for a good service at a fair price. When they invite a contractor into their home, they want someone who’ll solve their problems: someone who won’t take advantage of them. Someone they can trust.

Drain Doctor seeks to define the only recognised, nationwide name, specialising in an expert, all-round drainage and plumbing service. Our emphasis is in giving a superb quality service, and that service is bringing us a very high rate of returning customers and recommendations. At Drain Doctor, we are professional ‘problem solvers’, and with us, these customers know they will be picking a winner.

By joining Drain Doctor, you will be part of something unique – a nationwide effort to build the leading name in a consistent, high quality, reliable service. With Drain Doctor you can be part of the hottest opportunity in Ireland today.

When you buy your territory, you have exclusive rights to advertise and promote the name and concept in you area and receive all service enquiries with the territory from Drain Doctor’s national advertising, internet and public relations programmes.

As a Drain Doctor franchise you’ll enjoy the full backing of the Drain Doctor organisation .

As part of the worlds premier service group Drain Doctor is well placed to support all aspects of your business.

Exclusive use of the Drain Doctor name adds value to your business.

The mission of Drain Doctor is to be know as the national leader in the emergency drainage and plumbing industry in Ireland. We are committed to the selection , development and support of individuals who are dedicated to excellence with their customers, their communities and themselves.

We are building an exciting team of like minded people, and are committed to providing that team with superior service and continuous education, recognising as we do that growth comes only through applied knowledge, dedication, and team spirit.