Directory Turns 21

The 21st edition of The United Kingdom Franchise Directory has just been published. Directory Editor, Simon Royal explains what this edition has in store for its readers.

What is a directory? A collection of information in an easy to digest format. A useful reference tool to research a chosen subject.

The United Kingdom Franchise Directory is exactly that, a reference tool, with over 2,000 hours of research going into each edition, to give you the reader a definitive guide to franchising.

Its publishers, Franchise Development Services, are world leaders in franchise consultancy and publishing, with 25 years of experience in the franchise industry.

They produce franchise publications such as The Franchise Magazine, European Franchising, Franchise International, The Irish Franchise Magazine and of course, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory to aid franchisors expanding their franchise networks.

Maybe you are new to franchising and require further education or maybe you are looking to invest in a franchise but need help deciding which one and how to go about it. Perhaps you already franchise your business and are looking to expand either in the UK or internationally.

The 21st edition of The United Kingdom Franchise Directory is your one-stop franchise guide with over 900 known UK and Irish franchisors at your fingertips.

This latest edition continues the tradition of providing in-depth information including cost, turnover and profit projections, support and training options.

The Irish Franchise Directory was a popular feature in last year's edition and returns this year with over 70 brands based in Ireland.

First published in 1985, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory featured around 200 franchisors. Recent editions have featured nearly five times the number of franchisors. This shows the growth of the franchise industry over the past two decades. Walk down your local high street and the number of franchise brands is staggering. Whether it be food brands such as McDonald's, Burger King, Subway and O'Briens, or even retail brands such as National Schoolwear Centres, Adams Kids or 1/2 Price Ink Cartridges. Look through your local phone directory for a service brand and you will be faced with the likes of Dyno-Rod, Prontaprint or Initial City Link.

With the Internet now a viable avenue for franchisee recruitment, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory Online has been relaunched for the 21st edition to keep you up-to-date with the latest opportunities as they are made available and is the perfect companion to its printed counterpart.