Cubic Telecom oversubscribed on home ground

Cork-based telecommunication specialist Cubic Telecom has awarded all of its 10 franchises in Ireland just three months after announcing the opportunity.

Cubic Telecom has been inundated with enquiries into its franchise, which provides massive savings for customers on international telephone calls. Managing Director Pat Phelan said: 'Nothing prepared us for the high level of enquiries and applications we received. We were ten times oversubscribed.'

Phelan attributes the high level of enquiries to the simplicity of the business model and the huge benefits to customers. He sums up the opportunity: 'The package is in essence a set of access telephone numbers unique to the franchisee. These numbers represent a series of price bands, which allow the franchisee's customers to call any international number at a reduced rate. Our software tracks the usage of these individual numbers and rebates an amount on each call, which is passed on to the franchisee.'

Following Cubic Telecom's success in Ireland, Phelan has launched a franchise expansion programme for the UK.