How retail franchisors can better manage their Irish network

International retail franchise businesses are faced with a unique set of challenges, such as tracking and accounting for stock, managing and controlling cash, high volumes of paperwork, razor tight margins and a hypercompetitive market. With complex and diverse distribution strategies such as franchising, it is essential that business risk is managed through more effective information management.

As with any requirement for more information, there are often consequences, such as increase workload or new processes which can present barriers. CounterBooks offers international retail franchisors the ability to gain insight into network performance to help drive franchise owner performance, manage risk and analyse trends.

What is CounterBooks?

CounterBooks, an Associate of international franchise consultants Franchise Development Services, is an online/cloud retail accounting system which includes a full general ledger designed for retail franchise business. It is a tailor-made solution for international retail franchisors and their franchise owners.

CounterBooks is purposely designed to help retail franchise systems, by reducing costs through the integration of the retail management systems, more insightful reports which can be drilled down (single site, group, franchise) to help improve business performance and manage risk, easy to use, secure and accessible anywhere through an internet connection.

Benefits to a retail franchisor:

  • Full transparency of the franchise network
  • Assess the credit risk associated with franchise owners
  • Standardised reports for benchmarking
  • Provides accountability to drive performance

Benefits to a retail franchise owner:

  • Easy to use and retail specific
  • Full suite of reports including general accounting, retail and franchise system specific
  • Reduce costs by 90% and saves time
  • Better control of their business – including cash, credit cards, bankings and cash difference
  • Saves time reporting to the franchisor

Why use CounterBooks?

"CounterBooks provides the franchisor or head office of a managed group with online access to financial management information for the entire network.

"This transparency improves control and minimises the risk attached with running an operation with a large number of widely dispersed retail outlets."- John Roberts, MD CV Retail

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CounterBooks are offering a FREE Financial Management Assessment Report worth £1,500 for retail franchisors. For more information, please complete the details below and we will be in touch.