Computer Troubleshooters award Austria and Bulgaria masters

Computer Troubleshooters has expanded its international reach with the appointment of Master Franchisors in Austria and Bulgaria. The company now operates from over 470 locations in 23 countries, including six in Ireland, and claims to be the world's largest computer/IT service franchise.

Enda Folan, Ireland Regional and European Operations Director, said: 'We're searching for people, with hardware or software experience, to join Computer Troubleshooters in these markets as well as for other countries in Europe, including Ireland.'

A Computer Troubleshooter serves business owners and home office users. Folan explains: 'Many businesses cannot afford to employ a full-time computer/IT person and they do not need to do so. It is critical for their business, however, that they receive regular computer service, support and training.

'As a franchisee you can promote yourself as the solution provider for small businesses and home users in your area. Most Computer Troubleshooters are one or two-person enterprises operated from home, which reduces your expenses from the start. However, as part of a world-class service organisation with a reputation for friendly professionalism, you enjoy significant benefits including association with a credible, branded organisation while retaining your independence as a business owner.

'In addition, given that all businesses and most homes now have at least one computer, you have a potentially huge market in which to grow. Professional attention to your clients will ensure that you build a base of repeat business while continuing to attract new customers.'