Commitment to support success puts CeX in a league of its own

The brand’s ever-growing group of franchise owner are consistently finding that CeX’s rock-solid franchise model is exceeding their expectations in every regard

CeX, the leading brand in used technology and entertainment products, is going from strength-to-strength in a growing recession-proof market, and is actively seeking new franchise owners in Ireland.

When speaking to existing franchise owners, one thing that is brought up time and again, and which is particularly revealing, is their firm belief that the franchise model gives them the tools and training they need to have every possible chance of a prosperous business.

This is true for owners both in Ireland, across the UK, and other locations worldwide, where the number of franchised stores continues to grow as more and more people realise the benefits of the market-leader’s proven business model.

For example, Gabriel Moreno, owner of the Fareham store in England, notes the 600 hours of training, which comprehensively prepared him and gave him the confidence to effectively run his business from day-one. While it may seem like a large time investment, it has paid dividends for numerous investors thus far.

While prospective franchise owners are usually rigorous in their research before choosing the right brand for them, CeX gives them ample opportunity to ensure they are confident in their decision. During a week-long ‘discovery period’, candidates are able to meet the franchise team and take part in the day-to-day running of a store to see if CeX is right for them.

This process has proven hugely successful. A business that only begun franchising in 2006 now boasts 270 stores in the UK and 18 in Ireland, where there is clearly untapped potential and a large customer-base.

Worldwide, CeX operates in countries as diverse as Spain, Australia, India, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico and the USA. More than 160 of these are franchised stores.

Aside from training, the ongoing support received from the earliest days, to years after establishment, is highly valued by franchise owners, who have pointed to the company’s solid market research in their localities, assistance with branded interior design, technical support, consistent supply of daily pricing data and product advice, supply of marketing and promotional materials - including items bespoke to specific stores, and ongoing operational and business support.

Important also to note, is that while the franchise model offers security beyond that of going it alone, it is, after all, still a business that can have ups and downs like any other. Where CeX has proven to excel is its ability to help turn things round for franchise owners if this occurs and market conditions change.

A perfect example is the help given to Martin Hawthorne, who opened his first CeX branch in Birkenhead in 2010. Just a year later, sales took a sudden decline, which created some tough times for the owner, but he couldn’t have been more satisfied with the franchisor’s assistance in helping him through this difficult period and getting the business back on track.

Martin explains: “We were set back, and in a tight spot financially, but I was most impressed by the support, knowledge and understanding given by CeX when things got difficult. They really do stick to their word when they say they will support and look after you.”

After riding out this difficult period, CeX’s approach gave Martin the confidence to open a second store in Widnes, Cheshire.

It is just one example of CeX’s commitment to giving its franchise owners the best possible chance of success, and the attention to detail that makes it such a unique and attractive franchise opportunity for those looking to own their own business in such a lucrative market and ensure that achieving their individual professional goals are well within reach.