100 successful stores

You only need to look at the interest, market penetration, growth and continuous innovation in our 101 stores to see that the sky really is the limit with this opportunity.

Recession-proof sector
A business that works when the economy is booming and even better when it is less buoyant.

17 years' experience
As a CeX franchise owner you'll become part of an established and proven business model.

45 franchised stores
Most cities and many towns are now taken or reserved, but a few remain; so act now to avoid disappointment.

Proven business model

  • Initial training and ongoing procedure updates
  • Limited competition
  • Stock and pricing advice from experts
  • Ongoing support including intranet and business services
  • Hands-on store identification, design and outfit
  • Bespoke EPOS designed especially for buying, selling and exchanging goods

Investment requirement
£60,000+ capital plus the ability to raise the balance (total investment of £200,000 to £250,000 required of which most will go towards stock & shop fitting).

Buy Back Guarantee
Subject to conditions, CeX will refund stock, shop build and fit costs, and take over the store management and running costs should the franchise not meet the franchise owners' expectations

Huge potential market
The UK has more mobile phones than people, with customers upgrading yearly. As the range of DVD movies has grown, so has the market for movie collecting. The video/console games market, too, has developed from a niche pastime to a mainstream entertainment medium. We trade in videogames, DVDs, mobile phones, digital electronics, computing and vision products, and music CDs; all of which combine to represent the Complete Entertainment (X) Exchange CeX.