Our Restaurant Concept

Casa Italia is a modern day interpretation of the traditional Italian bar serving a wholesome menu of speciality coffee, artisan bakery, oven-baked pizzas, panini, greens, premium gelato, Italian beers and wine in a fast casual all-day dining setting.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Fox Hardegger, Casa Italias created to “stand for something good” in all aspects of our business including the exceptional team we hire and train, the honest ingredients making up our menu, our community engagement and the design of our stores. This commitment drives our goal to be the best Italian comfort food restaurant in the world, for the world and for our team. Come nel 1962!

What Makes Us Unique?

Steady sales from early morning until late at night

Because of the product mix we have carefully selected, our restaurants attract a steady stream of customers from early morning until late at night! The secret of our success is simple. We keep the demand for our food high through the day by catering to different needs: speciality coffee and pastries in the morning; pizza, panini and greens for lunch and dinner; premium gelato in the afternoon and evening. The unique mix generates more revenue, more profits and higher customer patronage than any other F&B concepts in the market.

Our Story

Casa Italia originated from a gelato parlour established in 2010 in Singapore and operated under the name Gelateria Italia. Championing the use of the finest quality ingredients and traditional, time-honoured techniques, the store was an instant hit with lines forming daily through the year for the next three years.Having become the largest and most popular gelato parlour in Singapore, we decided to expand into the Italian speciality coffee and comfort food opening in 2014 our first fast casual all-day dining restaurant. We have since grown rapidly, with 20+ restaurants open and international locations coming up soon.

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Brand Vision

Deliver the uniquely Italian experience of enjoying an artisan crafted gelato, pizza and power coffee served by competent and attentive to details staff in an exciting, warm atmosphere reminiscent of old-world piazzas.

Restaurant Design

Style: Viva l’Italia! – Our restaurants are built using the same rustic, colorful and warm materials commonly found in traditional Italian country homes. A combination of premium woods,natural stones, antiqued glass and unique decorative objects are employed to create stylish, authentic and elegant ambiance that sets the stage for the quality of food served.

Feel: A feel good place away from home! An environment where customers can relax, catchup with friends, read a book, listen to music, surf the internet and enjoy premium food served quickly: slow food served fast! Honest food, honest ambiance, honest feelings away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Made in ITALY: All our restaurants are 100% MADE IN ITALY using our exclusive local partners. We design and build every space including the counters, displays, light fixtures, signage, furniture and fittings from scratch because we believe that skilled craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind finishes and top Italian construction quality are paramount to our success. Every restaurant is designed and inspected for conformity before being built whether it isSingapore, New York, Shanghai or Paris. Our restaurants are truly 100% made in Italy.

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Hand-picked micro-roasted coffee motto: We roast single origin 100% Arabic coffee in small batches to create the perfect Casa Italia blend used for our hot coffee and cold brew offerings. We believe that to retain its food and aromatic qualities, coffee must be consumed within eight weeks of roasting. Did you know that in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, people still roast their coffee soon before drinking it? Fresh coffee always tastes better!

Pizza, panini and greens: We offer a selection of freshly-made salads and we produce a range of oven-baked pizzas/panini made exclusively with premium 'natural wheat' flour leavened over 24 hours to reduce the use of brewer yeast and to promote higher digestibility. Did you know that our flour does not contain saturated fats? We do not compromise on quality!

Gelato produced honestly: We offer a range of more than fifty super-premium gelato flavours churned out honestly with natural ingredients “come nel 1962” and produced absolutely free of artificial flavours, chemicals, colourants or preservatives. Did you know that gelato is the Italian version of ice-cream containing half the fat and half the calories yet still maintaining the deliciousness? Not all pleasures come with a penalty!

Why Invest In Casa Italia?

  • Unique trade mix that generates more sales and higher profits that any other fast-casual F&B concept.
  • Senior management with more than 100 years F&B experience worldwide.
  • Strategic growth plan with IPO planned in five to seven years.
  • Singaporean based company that provides exposure to the Asian dynamic markets but with strictly regulated Singaporean laws.
  • Rare chance to enter the growing fast-casual restaurant market with an established concept and seasoned management team before the planned massive growth.