Most companies use expensive branded cartridges

Most companies that have used generic printer cartridges go back to using more expensive branded originals...

96% of companies stay with Cartridge Green

We want you to try Cartridge Green . Once you do, you will have no reason to go back to more expensive branded originals. Heard it all before? Cartridge Green really is different: our cartridges have a documented 99.2% success rate and we wouldn’t enjoy such a high rate of customer retention if there were issues with our quality. In fact, there are only three types of printer cartridges: branded originals, Cartridge Green, and everything else.

Give us a try. There is a 96% chance you won’t go anywhere else

Let’s clear up any fears you may have about using Cartridge Green...

Voiding printer warranty

I have heard that if I use generic cartridges it will void the warranty on my printers
Cartridge Green printer cartridges will not void the warranty on your printers

They won’t last as long

It doesn’t matter that they are cheaper, if they run out quicker than branded originals, it is false economy
Our cartridges have the same yield, print quality and reliability as branded originals because they are tested to the highest ISO quality control standards

Poor print quality

I need everything I print to look great, not faded, streaky or blotchy
We take the branded original and improve its performance using our patented technologies


I have had generic cartridges leak in my printer before, I swore I would never go through that again
Our cartridges have a 99.2% success rate