Cartridge Green is the only show in town

Franchise owner John Smith has been enjoying continued success with his Cartridge Green franchise despite the recession.

In the full grip of economic panic in November 2008, John Smith opened the doors of his Cartridge Green outlet in Lucan. “I analysed a lot of franchise opportunities before choosing Cartridge Green, including all the other competitors in this sector,” he says. “Ultimately I chose this industry as I felt the timing was perfect.

“With the massive shift in focus by individuals and businesses towards better value for money, I thought it was essential to choose a franchise that offered a lower cost alternative. My big consideration at this stage was quality of product and service. Having conducted extensive research I was left in no doubt Cartridge Green was the only show in town in this sector.

“Owning my own business has been challenging but very exciting. Compared to my old job, the experience has been fantastic and you learn something every day – no two days are the same. Knowing that every additional effort you put into a business is going to benefit you directly is very motivating.”

John has nothing but praise for the support his has received from Cartridge Green since becoming a franchise owner. “I signed up as a franchise owner a couple of months prior to opening, to allow time for training and other preparation,” he explains. “Since opening the store, I have had constant telephone access to Cartridge Green’s franchise technical department and I have been in regular contact with the existing network of franchise owners, who are also a great source of support.”

Cartridge Green franchise owners receive hands-on support prior to their launch, followed by practical in-store training, as part of the franchise package. Bespoke marketing plans are also devised to help franchise owners grow and maintain their business-to-business and walk-in customer bases.

“To date things are going brilliantly,” enthuses John. “I'm getting really positive feedback from the local community in Lucan and beyond. People who have never refilled ink cartridges before, are genuinely surprised by the huge savings and the quality of our product, while those who have refilled previously are really impressed by our professionalism and high quality standards. My figures in terms of footfall, revenue and cash flow are really pleasing to date.”

John is confident he made a good franchise choice, one that is particularly relevant in the current economic climate. “The fact I can walk into a small business and offer up to 40 per cent savings on what they are currently paying for their printer cartridges grabs their attention immediately. A year or two ago, this might have been a hard sell but now companies have an obligation to investigate all ways to reduce their overheads, so a service like ours, where the quality is guaranteed, is an absolute no-brainer.”

Coming from a marketing background John is particularly impressed by Cartridge Green’s strong branding proposition. “Cartridge Green offers an environmentally friendly, low cost product, which strikes two very relevant chords with people today,” John explains. “The huge emphasis on brand consistency – from the layout of our stores, to our staff uniforms, to our customer service procedures, to the vans we drive, to our packaging – gives me great confidence in the potential for the brand to grow and grow.”

John adds: “A franchise is only as strong as its weakest link and huge emphasis is placed on maintaining really high standards across the board at Cartridge Green and that gives me, as a franchise owner, great confidence.”

For those people currently considering an investment in a franchise opportunity, John advises: “Do your research, make sure it's the right franchise for you. Look further than price, obviously it’s a big consideration but remember, the cheapest franchise opportunity is not necessarily the best franchise opportunity.”

Reported by Fraser McKay