Cartridge Green

The Irish franchise that is beating the recession

In the midst of the most challenging economic times in recent history, Cartridge Green is still growing and making a name for itself as a supplier of superior quality printer cartridges for home and business users. We take a look at this exciting business model to see why it is so successful...

Founded and launched in Ireland in late 2007, Cartridge Green is making a name for itself as a leading supplier of superior quality printer cartridges for home and business users. According to Cartridge Green’s Director of Franchising Nik Healy: “Most people that have used generic printer cartridges go back to using more expensive branded originals but 96% of customers stay with Cartridge Green.” He added, “This high customer retention rate has led to our strong and sustained growth.”

One of the success factors for Cartridge Green has been their development and rollout of new and innovative products and services. “Our products and services are underpinned by our ongoing focus on product quality, with our products carrying an ISO certification,” Nik stated. Cartridge Green’s success has not gone unnoticed outside of Ireland and they have plans to open their first franchises in the UK this year.

The Cartridge Green business model focuses on generating revenue from home and business users using a range of products and services:

Club Cartridge Green

For home users, Club Cartridge Green is an annual membership offered exclusively by Cartridge Green, where members receive a year’s supply of ink plus a new all-in-one printer for just €149. This membership gives home users the peace of mind to print as much as they want – when they want – without worrying about the cost of ink.

Toner Watch

Toner Watch is a free service, exclusive to Cartridge Green business customers where Cartridge Green monitor the customers’ printer supply levels to ensure that they never run out of toner. Cartridge Green will then arrive with replacement cartridgesexactly when they need them. This releases cash by eliminating the need to keep a stock of replacement printer cartridges and ensures that printers are never without supplies.

Pay Per Page

Pay Per Page for business is a revolutionary new way for businesses to pay for their printing. It allows businesses to only pay for the pages they print, eradicating the need to buy or hold a stock of printer cartridges and converts their printing cost into a utility.

Case in point: Cartridge Green, Clare

Cartridge Green Clare was the first franchise opened by Cartridge Green in early 2008. Since then, franchise owner Jim McAnespie has built a strong, sustainable and growing business in the town of Ennis, County Clare.

Jim is just one example of a Cartridge Green success story. When we asked him how it all started, Jim explained: “I read about the launch of Cartridge Green in a Sunday newspaper and I arranged a meeting with Nik Healy and Niall McConnell (Founders of Cartridge Green). When I met them I was immediately struck by their conviction and passion to ensure that Cartridge Green becomes the best quality alternative to expensive branded originals in Ireland and the UK. Although at the time, other franchises were more established, my instinct told me that Cartridge Green would ultimately be the better choice and luckily for me, I was right!”

Jim went through a recruitment and screening process and was awarded the licence for Clare in early 2008. “Although there was another printer cartridge shop in the town, I could see very quickly that I was taking business from them and keeping it. Within six months the other store closed and even though I was already happy with my sales, they literally jumped by 35% overnight.” Jim went on: “Despite the recession, our sales have increased year on year and this year looks no different. I think one of the major factors for this sustained growth are the constant innovations in terms of branding, product quality and messages from head office. New products such as Club Cartridge Green, Pay Per Page and Toner Watch have helped to increase sales, keep our offering fresh and most importantly, lock our customers into fixed-term agreements that give security to my business.”

As the longest serving franchise owner of Cartridge Green, we asked Jim if he could turn back the clock, would he still have become a Cartridge Green franchise owner knowing what he knows now. “Absolutely!” was his immediate response.