The franchise to beat the recession!

The uncertain economic environment makes Cartridge Green's offering irresistible to printer users both at home and in business and, as a result, irresistible to potential franchise owners. The concept delivers healthy profits, but more importantly strong positive cash flows and growth potential giving you all the tools you need to be a successful and wealthy franchise owner.

With an expected return on your investment within two years, a Cartridge Green franchise is a business with strong cash flows operating in a growing market sector. At Cartridge Green we are constantly developing better ways for our franchise owners to be more profitable by making printing easier and cheaper for their customers. These ongoing developments create additional value for our franchise owners.

Cartridge Green is one of Ireland’s fastest growing printing solution franchises. Our business opportunity offers services to both home and business users in a unique way that makes their printing more efficient, cheaper and greener.

All of our products and services are underpinned by our emphasis on superior quality and it is this emphasis on quality that creates a successful and sustainable business for our franchise owners.

A Cartridge Green franchise generates substantial income by supplying printer cartridges to home and business user but the Cartridge Green business model is increasingly focused on locking franchise owners customers into fixed term agreements. Cartridge Green does this for home and business users by offering our services in an attractive overall package that is beneficial to both the franchise owner and the customer. This is one of our core competitive advantages. Consumers are now looking for great value with great service so even though cost reduction is the main attraction, certainty of quality and service is just as important. Cartridge Green offers all three under the umbrella of a strong, consistent and quality brand.

Cartridge Green is recruiting franchise owners for both Ireland and the UK. The right franchise owner, backed by the Cartridge Green support team can build a business that is part of a leading and rapidly growing brand.

For information visit our website or you can visit us at the Irish Franchise Association Expo 2011 on February 25 and 26.

How we do it:

For home users, ‘Club Cartridge Green’ is an annual membership offered exclusively by Cartridge Green where members receive a year’s supply of ink with a new printer. This membership gives home users the peace of mind to print as much as they want, when they want without worrying about the cost of ink.

Franchise owner benefits:

  • Upfront cash injection per customer
  • Increase in average customer spend
  • Increase in customer loyalty and retention
  • Reduction in competitive pressures

Home user benefits:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Annual fixed cost for printer ink
  • Peace of mind – print what they want
  • Discounts on all other products

Club Cartridge Green is a better way for people to pay for their home printing and is exclusive to Cartridge Green. It allows home users to fix their printing costs for the year without restricting the amount they print. It effectively gives the customer ink for the whole year.

“Pay Per Page for business” is a revolutionary new way for businesses to pay for their printing allowing them to only pay for what they print, eradicating the need to buy sets of cartridges up front. Pay Per Page was exclusively developed by Cartridge Green for business users.

Franchise owner benefits:

  • Regular monthly income
  • Fixed term customer agreement - four years
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased customer retention

Business user benefits:

  • Only pay for what they print
  • Stop paying for cartridges up front
  • Improve cash flow
  • Never run out of toner again

Pay Per Page can offer your business customers huge cost savings, improves their cash flow and they never run out of supplies. It effectively converts their print function into a utility like electricity or gas and outsources the management of their printers to Cartridge Green at no extra cost.

The Cartridge Green services are promoted through targeted sales and marketing campaigns in order to maximise the return on your investment. We administer a central marketing function and create annual campaigns that use advertising formats such as radio, printed media, internet, outdoor and in-store promotions.

Pay Per Page for business

A revolutionary new way to pay for printing

How does it work?

  • Only pay for what your business prints
  • Stop paying pay for printer cartridges

Benefits to your business

  • Cost savings
  • Improves your cashflow
  • Never run out of toner
  • Improve financial control and transparency
  • Convert your printing into a utility
  • Service and maintenance

How much will it cost?

  • A fixed price per black and colour pages
  • Depending on your current set up

Who will benefit from Pay Per Page?

  • Pay Per Page
  • There is no restriction
  • It is advantageous