Cartridge Green has won the Innovative Marketing Award for its development and marketing of Club Cartridge Green, which provides an unlimited ink subscription service.

Nik Healy, Director of Franchising at Cartridge Green, said: “This is a great recognition for an Irish product, conceived, developed and launched in Ireland and now about to go to our first international markets.

“We have a great team of people across our 13 stores at present and we hope to roll out an additional 16 over the next two years, as well as having our first presence in Britain.

“Cartridge Green was always going to be more than an ink refill business. We set out to change the model for printing and this award is testament to the progress we are making.

“That old model for home printing has been to sell the printer at a low cost and the ink at a very big premium.

“We wanted to change the model and make home printing fun for the first time. We wanted people to be able to print what they want, when they want, without having to worry about the cost of the ink. Our marketing message is inviting people to ‘Be Print Happy’.”

The company began trials of Club Cartridge Green across its 13 stores last year and has now expanded the offering to include an online facility to service households not located near a Cartridge Green store.

“We have doubled the number of subscriptions we had initially planned for and expect to have over 10,000 subscribers within the next six months. With our new online service, orders are coming in from every corner of the country.”