Delivering Prosperity

Camile Thai Kitchen is a sensational new franchise opportunity from serial entrepreneur, Brody Sweeney. The business produces restaurant quality Thai food, delivered to the door, within minutes of ordering. Gareth Samuel looks at why this forward thinking investment opportunity is starting to attract international interest

Brody Sweeney, 52, has applied his wealth of business experience to his latest new franchise launch, Camile Thai Kitchen, which he has set up from his home city of Dublin.

The online delivery restaurant franchise is tapping into the evolving demands of consumers by meeting their needs for quicker, tastier and healthier meal options delivered to the door. Brody says: “It’s great to be back with a great new franchise opportunity. There is a genuine new market sector opening up, and we’re in at the beginning of it”

In 1988, Brody Sweeney founded the O’Brien’s sandwich chain, which went global. At its peak, O’Briens had over 300 stores in 16 different countries.

Now, after three years of growth with Camile, the driven entrepreneur is back with a new vision and bags of experience, giving potential new Camile franchise owners the best possible chance of success. This brand new investment opportunity comes with a proven track record for engaging its target audiences. Brody started Camile in 2010 as an independent online delivery restaurant and after three years of steady expansion, has decided to expand through franchising.

He continues: “We have room for another few (restaurants) in Dublin, as well as the major urban centres around the country. Investment in a new Camile is approximately €220,000. The banks have been supportive of our new venture, and it should be possible to borrow up to 50 per cent of this amount, for qualifying individuals looking to invest.” Typically, the business targets young urban consumers, aged between 22 and 44 years old. “People are getting home from work, turning on their TV’s and going on their laptops and staying in for the evening,” adds Brody. “For this generation, they are looking for the ultimate convenience, hot food delivered to the laptop.”

What really sets Camile apart in the food delivery market is its commitment to looking forward through online and social media sales. Currently, almost 50 per cent of the company’s trade comes through the business’ state of the art website, which features an interactive version of the restaurant’s full menu. Brody says: “We are leveraging social media and the internet to get the message on our business out in a way that many businesses like ours just aren’t doing.”

The business model is loosely based on pizza delivery franchise, Domino’s Pizza, who according to Brody, are the masters of delivering hot food to door. However, the entrepreneur is insistent that an efficient delivery service is where the similarities between the two brands stop.

“The only brands really doing hot food to the door at the moment are pizza brands, and for some people, eating too much pizza may not be that good for them,” he says. “Camile is designed to be a healthy food. We use the best quality meats and vegetables to put in our foods. In Ireland, we use Irish chicken and meats whenever we can.”

Brody is looking for committed operators, preferably with food service experience, who share his drive and ambition for success, and are willing to invest the start up capital in a franchise with a future.

He concludes: “We are looking for people who like people. It is a business for people who are prepared to roll up their sleeves to make the business successful, its not one for absentee owners.”

If you are looking for a business that puts innovation second only to customer service, then investing in Camile may be the first step towards an extremely lucrative future.

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