make their mark in the Netherlands

Babyprints Franchising Ltd have recently entered into an agreement with Yi Wen Europe Ltd to take a Master Franchise of the company to the Netherlands.

Already a thriving concern in the UK and Ireland, Babyprints currently have 25 outlets in operation. The source of their success is the creation of a unique brand of clay impressions and solid casts of babies'/children's hands and feet. The process of taking impressions and casts is quick and painless, and entirely safe for babies and children alike).

The appeal of the product can not only be attributed to its original design and stunning presentation, but the detailed replication captured of the individual hands and feet. Beautifully mounted and framed, Babyprints are able to offer the ultimate keepsake to treasure forever.

Managing Directors of Wi Wen Europe, Willem and Jessie Waasdorp, are very excited at the prospect of developing Babyprints in the Netherlands, and are keen to expand franchise outlets widely throughout the area. Willem and Jessie completed their extensive training programme at the end of 2006. Parents of young son Ryan, the couple first discovered Babyprints on the internet. They found nothing comparable in their locality and were so inspired by the concept that they wasted no time in contacting Colin Hart, Franchise Director, about the possibility of setting up a branch in the Netherlands.

Colin commented: 'This is a new concept in the Netherlands. Willem and Jessie are very enthusiastic and I believe that with their background will excel in promoting Babyprints. The product sells itself, and it'll be just a case of making the right contacts, which Willem and Jessie certainly have. 2007 looks like being an exciting year for Babyprints as we continue to expand.'