Auditel, a cost and purchase management franchise, has continued its nationwide expansion by selling two franchise territories.

Seán Harnett from Cork and Tom and Sharyn Shore from Co. Tipperary joined the franchise last month.

Before joining Auditel, Harnett worked as a B2B Sales Account Manager focusing on manufacturing companies in the medical, bio pharmaceutical, engineering and electronic industries. Recalling the reasons why he joined Auditel, Harnett said: “I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t have the knowledge and the skill set to go it alone, but that’s exactly what Auditel gives you.

“It’s a very successful organisation, with a great support network. Even though I was starting my own business, I felt that I was not alone. It’s my business, it’s my responsibility, but if I need help, there is always someone at the end of the phone or an email to come to me or give me guidance. Auditel also offered to accompany me to prospect meetings; that was very, very important for me.”

Harnett said the training was great and the instructors were very informed and always willing to take the time to answer questions and consider suggestions. He believes his previous experience will enable him to offer clients a valuable service. He added: “It gave me a broad range of Sales Management know-how and an in-depth knowledge of how to work with large multi nationals and SMEs. I have a detailed understanding of successfully delivering and implementing solutions to ensure the benefits are felt within the whole organisation.”

Auditel’s second new franchise owners, the Shores, have also completed their training programme. Prior to joining the franchise Mr Shore worked as an Account Executive for United Parcel Services, while Mrs Shore was a Financial Controller for a number of companies.

Asked why she chose Auditel, Mrs Shore said: “They have given us a chance to have a home-based business that we could operate together. Auditel offer great training and support and the tools to operate your business are very good.” Mr Shore added: “The Auditel franchise met my needs as a B2B model selling a professional service. It also fits my skills in business development and my wife’s background as an accountant.”

Mrs Shore added: “I really enjoyed the week’s training and feel much more confident about my role in this new business venture. The instructors were great and the information and role playing were extremely valuable. As Tom noted, it compared very favourably with training received from previous large multi-nationals employers.”